Looking for a English Discord bot? p!-BOT is here! Ready to add color to your server with nearly 100 commands. All you have to do is add the p!-BOT on the website.

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Speaking A Little About The p!-BOT

Updated Commands

We are trying to bring better commands up to date for you.

Low Lag

Better service to you with better servers!

Streamlined System

All of our systems are easier for you to get an easier and faster response.

What is p!-BOT?

We are always with you for the best, It is also one of the few discord bots among all Discord bots, including their coding in Turkish! Let's not go too long. Who is this p!-BOT? The producer spends his free time dealing with p!-BOT, p!-BOT often contains commands for entertainment purposes, the producer thinks p!-BOT is attractive, the main focus of p!-BOT is its authorized commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Interesting Developer

    We take into account your suggestions, correct mistakes and constantly look forward to new ones. ­čĹÇ

  • Adjustable Features

    You don't need specific channels for features! You can set the feature you want to the channel you want on your server!

  • Technical data

    We know how to use many things, we teach you what you do not know, and we do what is not. Our technical knowledge is not bad at all.

  • Good Impression

    Many users are recommending their friends to use p!-BOT on their servers. We are very popular!

  • Positive Reviews

    Most of the users who use the Discord Bot make good reviews about the bot.

  • Online Status

    Discord Bot is located in p!-BOT Contabo, so we try to keep our bot active 24/7 and provide better service to you with high download & upload.

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